Stargate Gets Philosophical With New Trailer

A new trailer for SGU: Stargate Universe, called "Philosophical," has been released. And if you can ignore the music, it suggests a much more uncertain show than Stargate fans may be used to.

Philosophical [SGU: Stargate Universe]


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Just one thing, it's not actually the same writers as SGA and SG-1. Wright and Cooper are staying of course, but most of SGA's writers have left after SGA, only contributing a script here and there maybe. They have confirmed that they're accepting pitches from freelancers and are looking on to hire some new writers for the show. They've already hired John Scalzi, a scifi novelist to be a creative consultant on the show, as well as new directors, I forgot his name, but they got the guy who directs The Wire.

So there WILL be new people involved in the show's creative process.