Proving once again that it's the little scifi series that could, Sci Fi Channel's wormhole travel show Stargate is about to make the jump into a whole new medium: the audio play. According to an interview with Jason Haigh-Ellery, the head of Doctor Who and Dark Shadows audio producer Big Finish, SG might be the first of several shows about to cross over into mp3 fuel for your daily commute.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, Haigh-Ellery talked about their latest signing:

Stargate's an interesting one... It took about a year to negotiate. We're vey, very happy that we're going to do something new. And something that is very well supported. The initial reaction has been very, very positive.


But that's just the start of their push into American scifi, he hinted:

We are in negotiations over a couple of other properties. You'd probably be able to figure them out but I can't say. I can tell you who we're not doing. We're not doing Babylon 5. We tried. It just wasn't possible. It's a shame really, because it's died off a bit now. Quite a lot, actually.

Someone, somewhere, is preparing a "Babylon 5 will never die" response to that last line. And that someone's name is J. Michael Straczynski.


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