Stargate: Atlantis Spoilers 05/30

SpoilerTV got a hold of seven pages of script from "Outsiders," the 13th. episode of the new Stargate: Atlantis season. According to Gateworld, "Outsiders" is about a group of human survivors, the Balarans, who have settled on a populated world and are hiding from the Wraith. (Thanks to the Hoffan drug, the Wraith can't feed on these humans, or they'll die.) Then the Wraith show up to hunt down the Balarans, and the locals have to decide whether to turn them over, or risk annihilation. Then Col. Sheppard offers a third alternative: his people can evacuate everyone from the planet using the Stargate. The council agrees to the plan, but a small contingent of Wraith are guarding the gate, and there's only a short window before the Wraith arrive. And some people don't want to leave their home.

You can read the pages at SpoilerTV, but here's a summary:

The councillors — Elson, Jervis and Renni — are debating whether to give in to the Wraith's demands for the Balarans, and Sheppard goes to find them. Elson wants to defy the Wraith, but Jervis fears putting the whole village at risk. Sheppard busts in and nearly gets killed by overzealous guards, before he introduces himself as a friend of Dr. Beckett's. Sheppard says he can get everyone — Balarans and locals — to another planet, where they'll be safe. The only other choice is to turn over innocent people "and I know you wouldn't do that."


The councilors are still divided about leaving their homes. But Renni says the Balari have become like family. One Balaran, Novo, lives in Renni's home and eats at their table. "My daughter idolizes her," Renni says. She adds: "If we turn over those people, we'll be no better than the Wraith ourselves."

The council finally agrees, and Sheppard goes to liberate the gate from the Wraith. Beckett wants to come along, but Sheppard wants him to organize the evacuation. "Think he'll be able to pull it off?" Ronon asks Sheppard. "He'll have to," Sheppard replies, "or this is going to go very badly."


But then there's a shocking betrayal: Elson goes to Jervis and says the "Atlanteans have no idea what they're doing," and it's better to make a deal with the Wraith after all. Jervis goes to capture the Balarans, who are hiding out, and deliver them to the Wraith in exchange for safety. The less the other councillors know about this, the better, Elson adds. Jervis asks how Elson can reconcile this with his conscience, and Elson says "Leave that to me. You just worry about making the deal." [Spoiler TV]

And here are some stills from the first episode of the new season. [Gateworld]

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