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Producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed the name for the long awaited Stargate Atlantis movie. Drum roll please...


The first SGA movie will be called Stargate: Extinction. The producer posted a picture of the script on his dog's Twitter feed — posted above — so there's your proof.

Gateworld confirmed the new name from producer Mallozzi. He elaborated slightly on why "extinction"

"It's the working title," Mallozzi added, "but I kind of like it because a) it's story appropriate, b) a dynamic title, and most importantly c) not ‘Dark Gambit.'"

So what do you think it means? Personally, I think it's a character story about Rodney McKay saving a planet from possible Extinction, perhaps because the secrets are locked into his past. Okay, I just want to see an all-McKay movie. Is that so wrong?

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