Starfighting In The Museum Of The Improbable

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This awesome model of a starfighter, complete with a helpful little refueling probe-bot, is one of the models available at The Museum of the Improbable.


Artist Greg deSantis has also created incredible concept models of a reimagined Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, amazing steampunk British tanks, space pirates boarding a ship through a still red-hot sliced open hole, and even scifi handguns that come complete with their own carrying case.

Sadly, the museum has disappeared and no longer offers models for sale. This is tragic, because these are probably some of the coolest scifi models we've seen, and the attention to detail is incredible. We hope deSantis returns to making these one day, because those tanks would look awesome on our desk.

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Sooo cooool. I hope he does get back into business. Must get a pair of those handguns.