Stare Into The Face Of Live-Action Airbender's Appa

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This is it - the fluffy flying bison we've been waiting for! How is M. Night Shyamalan going to bring the giant six-legged beast named Appa to life? Like this. Check out the whole line of new Airbender movie toys.

Possibly the trickiest of creatures from Avatar's fantastical planet that Shyamalan has had to tackle is Aang's flying bison, Appa. Looks like they traded the cartoony face for an all-dark snout. We're pretty impressed, it's about as real as a 6-legged bison can get.

Also in the new movie toy line is a "bending" kit, where it looks like you'll be able to manipulate fake fire, water and earth, which is most excellent.


All we need to see now is the little lemur creature, Momo, and we're sold on the toys, as far as the animals go.

[via Toy Line and Amazon]

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I've already seen the best screen Appa possible.