Stare into the digitized face of Tron Legacy's original Flynn

Illustration for article titled Stare into the digitized face of Tron Legacys original Flynn

See what happens when a human is trapped inside a computer for centuries! The latest images from Disney's Tron Legacy have us a little concerned about Flynn's current status inside Tron City. Is he the ruler or a prisoner?

The pictures come from Empire Magazine, and while some of these shots were already revealed in the trailer, we've yet to see the Recognizer all spruced up like this. Look at the crazy detail inside that thing! Plus snag a better look at the light-car.


Tron Legacy isn't out until December 17th, but we're expecting a huge Tron presence at this year's Comic Con. [via Gizmodo]

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Corpore Metal

Given the way the trailers were staged, it looks like all those CPU centuries have made Flynn slide toward evil. He may now be the despot that has replaced the MCP in ruling over the Internet.

Maybe not but it would be cool if that's how they play it. The confrontation between father and son, good and evil. Awesome!