The new Thunderbirds Are Go! characters totally look like awesome action heroes and not creepy little goblins who hover over your bed, watching you sleep, breathing in your exhaled breath and pushing their own little CG poofs of air back into your mouth. Here's the first look at the new Thunderbirds!

Thanks to a tipster, we have the first look at the new Thunderbirds! Last week, we only saw their backs but it came along with a pretty stellar looking teaser trailer. Now we can see their faces and it is CREEPY AS HELL. Clearly it was inspired by the original (and already kind of terrifying) puppet television series, but man, it looks way uncanny valley when translated to CG. And also really white, and all male.


This only makes us more excited to see actual footage. This thing is going to look bananas!

Thunderbirds Are Go! will premiere in April on ITV.

Thanks for the tip RoscoNYG.