Starbuck Turns To Comics In Time Of Need

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With Battlestar Galactica (and Bionic Woman) gone to the great television network in the sky, where should smitten fanboys and girls hope to see Katee Sackhoff next? If rumors are true, a Marvel movie.


MTV Splash Page reports that Sackhoff was recently seen in LA comic shop Golden Apple, buying up appearances of Marvel villain Typhoid Mary as research; according to store workers, the actress "proclaimed that she's hoping to land a role in a Marvel movie."

While we're happy to watch Sackhoff in almost anything, we're hoping that she's not going to be playing Mary in anything anytime soon. Not only because Typhoid Mary is primarily known as a Daredevil villain, and we're not exactly in favor of the planned reboot of the Daredevil franchise, but because Typhoid Mary, with her fractured past, self-loathing and psychosis feels just a little bit too similar to a superpowered evil Starbuck to us, and we're not sure we're up to that just yet. If Sackhoff really wants a role in a Marvel movie, we'd much rather see her as Ms. Marvel in the Avengers movie, anyway.


Katee Sackhoff Researching Typhoid Mary - But For What Film? [MTV Splash Page]

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Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers is the best casting suggestion I've heard this year. Hands down. Good call, Graeme.