Starbuck Freaks Out, And So Do We All

The more footage we see from Battlestar Galactica season four, the more excited we get. This new promo spot gives away some more developments from the new season, including a startling ultimatum from Starbuck and a problem with Anders. If you want to stay spoiler free for the new BSG, you may have to avoid turning on the Sci Fi Channel for the next month.



Charlie Jane Anders

@ghost: I would say that BSG is not just for fans or SF cultists... it's actually a very grown-up show that deals with some very topical issues about civil liberties after a horrible disaster, and the role of the military in society, and trying to preserve civil society in the worst of times. It does have its share of cheesy moments, with ancient prophecies and the like. But it's worth watching, especially the second season.