Image: Disney

Argue all you want about the best way to maximize your Star Wars movie viewing experience‚ÄĒIMAX, Atmos, and Dolby Vision all suck compared to the format ‚ÄúLiterally Among the Stars.‚ÄĚ

That’s where crew members of the International Space Station will watch the film soon. The news was first reported by Robin Seemangal on Twitter.


NASA confirmed the information to io9 and said that the film will be shown in English, as all crew members aboard the ISS speak both English and Russian.

There‚Äôs no timetable on when this screening will take place, but NASA‚Äôs Dan Hout told Inverse, ‚ÄúThey typically get movies as digital files and can play them back on a laptop or a standard projector that is currently aboard.‚ÄĚ


Now, let’s just hope they don’t broadcast any spoilers.