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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Premieres Tonight in LA, And John Boyega is Stranded in Atlanta

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney
Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

John Boyega’s luck with pilots is, apparently, not quite as good as the character he plays.


This weekend, a massive winter storm has washed its way across the Southern United States, causing major flight cancellations and stranding travellers all across the country. One of whom, according to Twitter, is Star Wars star John Boyega.

A few hours ago, Boyega took to Twitter to bemoan his current fate—snowed in at the Atlanta airport, where more than 800 flights were cancelled yesterday. He was supposed to be on the way to the fancy LA premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


I guess the Atlanta airport is better than the desert of Jakku, right? The most recent word on the situation comes from Rian Johnson, who tweeted his concern at Boyega about an hour ago.


Face it, Rian: this wouldn’t be a problem if you brought Han Solo back like we asked.

Anyway, here’s hoping this clears up soon, though, based on the view outside my office window in Western North Carolina... that might not be happening.


He sure does, Poe. He sure does.


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Flynn the Fine IX

Right, because Disney can’t afford to drive him 3-4 hours out of the area and then private-jet him to the premiere?

I call bullshit.