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Star Wars Spinoff Movie Loses Scriptwriter Gary Whitta

Illustration for article titled iStar Wars/i Spinoff Movie Loses Scriptwriter Gary Whitta

We were excited to hear that Gary Whitta would be producing a screenplay for the standalone Star Wars film, to be directed by Godzilla's Gareth Edwards. But now, Whitta has left the collaboration and is reportedly moving on to his next, unknown project.


THR has the scoop:

One of the projects on his docket is Starlight, Fox's adaptation of the Mark Millar sci-fi comic book miniseries.

"Gary has been a wonderful, inspired contributor and I enjoyed working with him tremendously," said Edwards in a statement. "I'm so grateful for all of his contributions. "

Said Whitta, "The year I spent working with Lucasfilm on this Star Wars film has been by far the most rewarding period of my entire career. As a lifelong Star Wars fan I'm deeply grateful to have had the rare opportunity to contribute to a new chapter in its ongoing cinematic legacy. The film is going to be amazing."


Whitta and Edwards had been collaborating on the Star Wars project since May 2014, and the film was originally slated for a December 2016 release. There's been no word yet on Whitta's replacement, or if his departure will have any effect on the film's debut.


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Isn't it a bit early to start making spin-off films? They don't even know that episode 7 will be critically or financially well received yet and given the series history, wouldn't it make more sense to wait so they don't put them into a situation like where Sony are with Spider-Man or Universal with their monster universe?