Star Wars: Rebels Is About To Reveal Its Own Unconventional Lightsaber

Who'd have thought that lightsaber-claymore hybrid seen in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer wouldn't be the only insane lightsaber we'd see this year? As it turns out, Ezra, the young would-be padawan of Disney XD's Rebels cartoon, will soon be wielding an equally unusual version of the Jedi weapon. Spoilers!

This image comes to us from the latest Star Wars Insider magazine:


It's a lightsaber that's also a blaster! It's a goddamned gunblade! I can't decide if Ezra is cheating and his saber-blaster is an affront to everything good and noble about The Force, or if he's literally the first sensible Jedi in the galaxy.

[Via Jedi News]

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