Most episodes of Star Wars Rebels have thus far focused on Ezra and his relationships with Kanan and Zeb. But this week, we finally take a moment with Hera and Sabine and get a hint at our Mandalorian rebel's backstory. The most intriguing character, however, is the one we never see.

The meat of this week's episode, "Out of Darkness," involves a supply run orchestrated by Hera's contact, Fulcrum. Apparently, Hera is the only one who knows Fulcrum's identity, and that leaves Sabine feeling restless. She worries that Hera and Kanan are keeping secrets from her.


And why does Sabine get her armor in a bunch over the idea of people who are practically her family keeping such secrets? Because once upon a time, Sabine was a cadet at the Imperial Academy.

This is a nice reveal, as it adds depth to Sabine's lie from an earlier episode about being currently enrolled in the Imperial Academy. It's also why Sabine has some interesting skills beyond demolition (those language skills, for example). I am now much more interested in Sabine and her backstory—and whether her proto-Rebellion phoenix symbol has some deeper meaning.


Also, I'm with Sabine with regards to Fulcrum. I get that Hera has to keep her contacts private, but now I'm curious as to who this Fulcrum fellow is. Is he someone we, the audience, have met before? Is he really on the Rebels' side?

Sabine decides that her best bet is to accompany Hera on her supply run in hopes of meeting Fulcrum face-to-face. Too bad the boys fail utterly at repairing the Phantom before Hera and Sabine take off.


Much to Sabine's chagrin, Fulcrum is nowhere to be found. He's left the supplies, but he's left them on a base filled with monsters that come out every time an asteroid passes between the base and the sun. Is this the Rebels' rotten luck, or did Fulcrum deliberately leave the supplies in a hazardous spot?

To make matters worse, the lads neglected to repair the shuttle's fuel line, leaving Hera and Sabine stranded. They have to fight off the darkness-loving monsters until the Ghost can come and rescue them. And this is how Hera shows her trust in Sabine: by trusting her plan to blow up a load of the critters.

It's not really the sort of trust Sabine is looking for. She wants to understand the big picture, and after being burned by an organization that wants people to just follow orders, it's understandable. The only thing that she can do is try to trust Hera's judgment and put her faith in a person for the time being. Hera, for her part, tries to assure her that they won't always be alone in the fight.


Okay, now we've gotten a nice introduction to each of our two-legged crew members and set up a few recurring characters. I think it's time for Rebels to start delving into larger arcs. After all, Hera's promising of the Rebellion's growth is a promise to us, the viewers, as well.