Well, Star Wars Rebels certainly knows how to have fun. What started out as a rather dull story of sibling rivalry between Zeb and Ezra turned positively gleeful when our characters kind of accidentally steal a TIE fighter and use it to mess with the Empire.

At the start of this episode, I worried that Zeb and Ezra failing to get along was going to be a major thread throughout Rebels, but the way this episode transitioned from bickering to fraternal bonding way pretty satisfying. After the pair causes a ruckus aboard the Ghost, Hera sends them off to get supplies on Lothal. Once they realize that she asked them to procure a type of fruit that doesn't grow on the planet to prolong their errand, Zeb and Ezra undertake a semi-serious quest to find the fruit in question.


Naturally, this means stealing from the Empire. It's not smart, but Zeb and Ezra can't really resist kicking that hornet's nest, and they go from trying to steal a piece of fruit to stealing a TIE fighter, and that's where things get good.

Rebels is proving great at developing its characters in moments of action, and I couldn't help but smile when the camera cut away from the out-of-control TIE fighter to Zeb cackling in the cockpit. Sure, he's in a dangerous piece of machinery, but damn if he isn't having fun. Rebels loves its callbacks to the original trilogy ("This is not the TIE fighter you're looking for." Chopper and Kanan playing a game of Dejarik.), but the best part is how clearly it revels in the world of Star Wars. In that moment, we are all Zeb, just enjoying the ride.


It's also nice that Ezra's life-saving Force moment becomes a sort of bonding moment between Zeb and Ezra. Jedi training feels a bit old hat at this moment, but given that the crew of the Ghost is supposed to be a family, it works when Ezra has these moments of astonishment with non-Force-sensitive people he loves.

But just stealing a TIE Fighter isn't enough anti-Imperial mayhem for these two. They also have to do some good. And Ezra's getting pretty good at this do-gooder routine, talking Zeb into helping out one of Ezra's family friends who has been seized by the Empire. And it combines some classic Star Wars tactics: fooling Imperial officers and troopers (and then failing to fool them) and using the Force in a small but significant way. Eventually, I think, Rebels will have to break out of these patterns a bit, but for now, it's quite enjoyable.


All in all, a fun episode, and one that makes me eager to see where Rebels will eventually go. But next time, can we get a bit less of Ezra and Zeb and get to know Hera and Sabine a bit better?