Smart, efficient, ruthless and a badass: That pretty much sums up Agent Kallus, the new Star Wars: Rebels villain voiced by David Oyelowo. He's called "the perfect Imperial poster boy" because he represents everything the Empire thinks of itself โ€” which makes him an extremely dangerous foe to the Rebels.

A couple other things to note:

โ€ข I'm actually excited about a Star Wari\ villain who has nothing to do with the Sith or the Force (or a bounty hunter). The Empire should feel like an actual threat, and it seems like Kallus will fill that role nicely.


โ€ข Nice muttonchops! I really like that he's got a little bit of a '70s style; it makes Rebels really feel like it's taking place not long before A New Hope.

โ€ข Also, kudos to the Rebels team for finding a character name that indicates a negative quality โ€” in this case, "callous" โ€” while still being subtle enough to sound like a reasonable name in the Star Wars universe.


โ€ข If the rumors are true and David Oyelowo has been cast in Episode VII, I think we can safely assume he won't be playing a live-action version of his Rebels character.

[Via /Film]