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Star Wars: Rebels' Agent Kallus Is The Ultimate Imperial Officer

Smart, efficient, ruthless and a badass: That pretty much sums up Agent Kallus, the new Star Wars: Rebels villain voiced by David Oyelowo. He's called "the perfect Imperial poster boy" because he represents everything the Empire thinks of itself — which makes him an extremely dangerous foe to the Rebels.


A couple other things to note:

• I'm actually excited about a Star Wari\ villain who has nothing to do with the Sith or the Force (or a bounty hunter). The Empire should feel like an actual threat, and it seems like Kallus will fill that role nicely.


• Nice muttonchops! I really like that he's got a little bit of a '70s style; it makes Rebels really feel like it's taking place not long before A New Hope.

• Also, kudos to the Rebels team for finding a character name that indicates a negative quality — in this case, "callous" — while still being subtle enough to sound like a reasonable name in the Star Wars universe.

• If the rumors are true and David Oyelowo has been cast in Episode VII, I think we can safely assume he won't be playing a live-action version of his Rebels character.

[Via /Film]


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It'd be interesting to know what people think here, but would we view the casting of a black actor as a white character as whitewashing (I mean, there's no reason the character can't be black, is there?), or an example of positive, colour blind casting that values fitting the best actor they could find to the character they'd already designed?

I'm leaning towards the latter myself, but you never really know how people are going to react to these things...