Boushh's reputation as brutal, calculating bounty hunter with a psychotic streak wasn't the least bit diminished by the fact that he was successfully impersonated by a princess. Honest.

The Imperial Entanglements expansion for Star Wars Miniatures gave us Leia, Bounty Hunter - the damsel-creating-distress (for Jabba, that is) was wearing Boushh's old armor, but not his mask. Wizards of the Coast is giving us the real thing in the latest expansion, The Dark Times. This is Boushh in the good old days, before he died and his identity (not to mention gender) obscuring armor got passed to Leia Organa.


So who was Boushh? He was a member of the Ubese race, a desert-dwelling people with slender builds (thus making Leia's ruse possible, along with her facility with the Ubese language). Perhaps his most well-known quality as a bounty hunter was a seeming disregard for his own life. Always equipped with several thermal detonators, he loved to activate them and watch his opponent squirm through negotiations. Was he bluffing?

At 26 points, Boushh actually seems like a pretty useful figure. He doesn't depend on allies or command effects to do his job - in fact, he works best alone, stalking your opponent's leaders and unique figures and attacking them with a +4.


If a squad of Rebel guards (or Stormtroopers, depending on who's paying the most for his services that day) gets in his way, his Grenade 40 ability can deal out massive amounts of damage. He'll quickly clear the field of all those low-cost units that like to run around in packs.

The Dark Times expansion will hit store shelves on January 26, 2010. The set is focused on the period between episodes III and IV - the Galactic Empire is gaining strength, and many of the classic characters are present but not necessarily on-stage yet. It's something of a Dark Age for the galaxy, with crime and chaos the dominant themes. Along with some familiar faces, The Dark Times will build off of the Dark Horse comic book series (called simply Dark Times).


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