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In a Star Wars movie, there’s only so much the characters can do (for now). It’s got to be sweeping, it’s got to be epic, it’s got to be full of action. On the other hand, Star Wars Rebels is where things can get weird in that galaxy far, far away—and last night, that’s exactly what happened.


The episode, called “The Honorable Ones,” did something we’ve rarely, if at all, ever seen in Star Wars. It took two characters on the opposite side of the grand conflict, in this case Zeb and Agent Callus, and let them duke it out. Not with their fists, though, and not on a Death Star. The battle takes place in a small, enclosed space and is fought with their thoughts and minds. Usually in Star Wars, this kind of jawing results in blasters or lightsabers being drawn out and used against each other. Not this time. Blasters were used against something else.

The whole conceit allowed for ideas to be exchanged and wits to be matched in a really fun way. It was very much like something you’d expect from a hard boiled detective film—just with a Star Wars flare to it. Here are a few clips.

The episode also had some Death Star hints, Attack of the Clones references, a battle between two droids and more. Great stuff as usual.


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