You knew Darth Vader could be cold, but have you seen him like this?

The Sith Lord popsicle is one of dozens of Star Wars characters featured at the annual ice sculpture festival in Liege, Belgium. The festival’s theme this year is Ice Star Wars—not Star Wars on Ice, but I wouldn’t put it past Disney to have that up and running by next year—and has characters from all seven films traipsing through the climate-controlled space.

First, let’s get the prerequisite Hoth image out of the way

60 figures have been rendered in frozen water for the occasion, and you can watch in this preview video as 30 artists from 12 countries sculpt everything from droids to Ewoks using chainsaws and light sabers (ok, they’re more like little heated wands). The ice sculptures have been coming together for about four weeks, during which time all the sculptors had to work in the subfreezing temperatures, of course.

Let’s be honest, though, this is the only sculpture that makes any sense, conceptually:

The festival opens tomorrow and runs through January 31, 2016.

[Ice Star Wars]

Photos via Ice Star Wars