Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Got Some Famous Visitors This Weekend

Concept art of the theme park.
Concept art of the theme park.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Some of us, when we want to entertain friends, clean up our apartment, make some food, and hope they like board games. If you’re in charge of a massive entertainment conglomerate, it’s a little different.

Yesterday, Chairman and CEO of Disney, Bob Iger himself, Tweeted that he recently gave a tour of Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s upcoming Star Wars theme park, to some pretty prominent guests.


With Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and Kathleen Kennedy in tow, Iger showed them around the park, taking some nice photos along the way. It makes one wonder: how do these famous, dignified creatives conduct themselves in theme parks? Which one is the one who’s always ready to sit down and take a break? Does Spielberg want to try all the snacks?

I’m betting JJ is the one who demands you ride all the rides with him. He seems like that kind of dude.

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Raven’s Dad

Where was George Lucas? He should’ve been the FIRST person to visit.