Star Wars Fans Raise Their Lightsabers to the Sky For Carrie Fisher

Image Credit: Screengrab via Youtube/CBS Los Angeles
Image Credit: Screengrab via Youtube/CBS Los Angeles

The death of Carrie Fisher this week has touched the hearts of millions across the world—fans of her writing, fans of her tireless advocacy for mental health, and of course, fans of her role as the beloved Leia Organa in Star Wars. While we’ve shared many tributes to her passing already, this is perhaps one of the most poignant.


Last night—on the evening of the equally tragic passing of Fisher’s mother, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds—hundreds of fans looking to pay tribute to Fisher took to the streets of Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California, raising a legion of glowing toy lightsabers into the sky and towards pictures of Fisher in her most iconic role in lieu of the traditional candlelit vigil.

The Disney resort was not the only location to host a lighstaber vigil, with images cropping up all over social media for gatherings at Alamo Drafthouse locations in Texas:


Alamo Drafthouse will be hosting further lightsaber vigils at locations in Texas this Friday, December 30th, at the Houston Mason Park and Lubbock theaters (at 6.45pm and 7.00pm CST respectively), while dedicated screenings of When Harry Met Sally, The Burbs, and Blues Brothers are being planned at Drafthouse theaters in Texas, Nebraska, and Virginia to celebrate Fisher’s work outside of the galaxy far, far away.

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