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The war between the Empire and the rebellion may have been at the forefront of Star Wars, but those on the outer edges of the galaxy probably weren’t paying much attention. At least, according to one fan film.

Outer Rim, written and directed by Thomas R. Wood, is all about a couple of outskirts doofuses who aren’t all that invested in the war that’s unfolding all around them. While the short is designed to be funny, it actually left me sadder than I thought I would be. It kind of represents normalization in times of war, ignoring death and tragedy when it doesn’t affect your daily life.


In the wake of so much shit going on in this galaxy, sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that just because we don’t see something bad, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Then again, these guys literally see the battle in front of them like two seconds later... so they might just be stupid.