Star Wars Could Be Genius, Might Cast Tatiana Maslany Or Rooney Mara

Illustration for article titled iStar Wars /iCould Be Genius, Might Cast Tatiana Maslany Or Rooney Mara

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany is testing for the female lead in the Gareth Edwards Star Wars spinoff. Come on, Lucasfilm, this one's easy.


Joining her is Rooney Mara and a few others. It's kind of unclear in the original report if they're all testing for the same role, but we say: Cast them both! Have more than one female lead, please. Just fill the film with kickass women.

Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) is also said to be on the list, but her availability could be an issue, since she's booked for the Da Vinci Code sequel. Oof. Missing out on Star Wars for Inferno? That's tough.


[The Hollywood Reporter]

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So if Tatiana Maslany is cast, does that mean the movie will be about the Clone Wars?