Star Wars: Bad Batch's First Trailer Shows the Fall of a Republic

The Bad Batch is on the hunt.
The Bad Batch is on the hunt.
Screenshot: Disney
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The Clone War may be over. But Clone Force 99's war is only just about to begin.

Today at the Disney Investor Day livestream, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy revealed the first look at what to expect from the Clone Wars continuation based around the elite Clone force introduced in Clone Wars’ seventh and final season. Set around the fall of the Old Republic, the series follows the titular “Bad Batch” in the final days of the Clone War and beyond.

The Bad Batch is coming to Disney+ soon.

On the animated front, Kennedy also revealed Star Wars: Visions, an anime-inspired anthology series that gives Japanese animation creatives to deliver unique stories set in the Star Wars saga.


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So they are working for the new Empire? That’s potentially fascinating, they could take the characters on a similar arc to Iden Verso from Battlefront II... but at the correct pace.

Also: Fennec Shand!