Star Wars AT-AT Organizer Wrangles Your Charging Cables in the Most Clever Way Possible

Does your desk perpetually look like the aftermath of a battle between the Empire and the Rebellion? Take control of all that chaos with the same weapon the Empire used to topple the Rebel base on Hoth, an AT-AT. and bring order to your galaxy. Or at least your office supplies.

Any excuse to put a fully-posable miniature 1/72-scale AT-AT on your desk is a good one, but this office supply organizer from Premium Bandai features hidden compartments for storing tape, paper clips, pens, stamps, loose change, and all the other miscellaneous bits floating around your desk.


However, it’s the AT-AT’s clever use of a tiny Snowspeeder to wrap and store your charging cables around the walker’s legs that will have most Star Wars fans doing everything they can to import this collectible from Japan.


It will be available starting in December, just in time for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to hit theaters, for somewhere around $95. That’s certainly pricey given an old soup can can essentially be an equally useful way to clean up your desk, but it’s not like that’s going to stop you from importing this thing.

[Premium Bandai via Nerd Approved]

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