Star Wars: A New Hope, But as a Classic '80s Anime

Look at the mustache on that Wookiee!
Look at the mustache on that Wookiee!
Image: Dmitry Grozov

A Hanime, if you will.

Star Wars itself might be getting into its own take on anime-inspired content later this year with the launch of Resistance, but this delightful fan trailer by YouTuber Dmitry Grozov takes Star Wars as we know it—in the form of A New Hope—and transforms it into an old-school anime style cartoon, evoking the likes of Macross or Mobile Suit Gundam, complete with Japanese voice acting.

Sadly it’s just a trailer rather than the full thing, but the only reason we want the full thing now is that it looks downright fantastic. It’s rugged and charmingly dated in a way that has us longing for an official Star Wars anthology in the vein of East-meets-West collaborations like The Animatrix, Gotham Knight, or Halo Legends. Sure, we’ve had Star Wars manga before, but how the hell has that not happened yet!?

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Just fantastic. Man, why can’t there be more of this? Also, any excuse to repost this one: