Star Wars

Luke's Original Intro from A New Hope:

Biggs Tells Luke About The Rebellion from A New Hope:

Meet Han Solo's Girlfriend And Some Cockney Aliens In The Original Cantina Scene from A New Hope:

The Original Jabba The Hutt from A New Hope:

Han Charms Leia in The Empire Strikes Back:

Luke Builds His Lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi:

The Morning Before The Podrace from The Phantom Menace:

Waterfall Sequence from The Phantom Menace:

Deleted Scenes from Attack Of The Clones:

Deleted Scenes from Revenge Of The Sith:

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Ever since my youth I've never understood why they won't serve Droids in that bar. Are they droidist? They're robots all they do is sit there silently and not drink.

Aaand as I'm writing this I thinking to myself the only way I'd hate a droid that much is if they at one point were a massive army that tried taking over the universe killing everyone in it's path. Could it be that his line about hating droids is a subtle reference to the prequels to come years later? Did Lucas actually have it that thought out? I think that he did NOT!