Star Trek's "Red Shirt" Fragrance Wants You To Smell Like Dead Away Teams

Who in their right mind would spray a fragrance called "Red Shirt" on their body? That's just asking for trouble from the wrong end of a phaser. Luckily, other Star Trek tie-ins are slightly cooler.

First, check out the Diamond Toys Star Trek classic figure bobble heads that we spied at New York's Toy Fair, along with what we believe are GoAnimate versions of Spock and Kirk. They're adorable from the tips of their ears to the accessories.


But we're even more curious about the Star Trek cosmetic developments. Genki Wear is delivering us things we never even knew we wanted: Star Trek perfumes. The three different types of scents are called "Tiberius," "Red Shirt" and "Pon Farr" according to E Online:

"Tiberius," in honor of James Kirk's middle name; "Pon Farr," touted as the Klingon version of "Passion"; and "Red Shirt," named after the poor, red-shirted souls who never survive the episode.


While the idea is creative, I want to meet the poor bastard that thinks wearing "Red Shirt" about town is a good idea. Not to mention the idiot who thinks "Pon Farr" has something to do with Klingon lovin'.

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