Star Trek's Pon Farr Fragrance Ads Help You "Leave Logic Behind"

Ladies, discover how you can fulfill "the needs of the one," with this exclusive look at the Vulcan fragrance Pon Farr. There are also new ads for Star Trek fragrances Tiberius and Red Shirt.


Nothing says hot sex like a man who smells like Captain Kirk's middle name - which I assume may actually smell like day old dirty sheets.

I especially enjoy the Red Shirt ad, which asks you to "Put Yourself In The Line Of Fire." While I don't really want to smell like impending messy death, I'm certainly going to pour it all over my loud as hell neighbors, and hope for the best. The cologne is made for, "the young modern man of the galaxy who doesn't hesitate and revels in being alive TODAY."


The smells are manufactured by Genki, Pon Farr seems to be the only perfume for ladies, and it supposedly smells like blackcurrant, lotus blossom and water lily, lovely. Enjoy the clever ads and the new sneak peek at Pon Farr.

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