Star Trek's British Fans Get A Raw Deal With New Posters

New posters for this summer's Star Trek have been released, and while the American poster is as dynamic as the teasers, the British one might give you deja vu. Click through for both.


This poster - for the UK only - was revealed on Empire Magazine's website, but it's constructed from images from the (much better) US promo posters and the many trailers that've shown an under-construction Enterprise and Kirk on his bike (Which, I have to say, is beginning to bother me. Why should Kirk on his bike be in all the trailers and this poster? Is it supposed to make him that much more of a bad-ass rebel or something? Or are we just supposed to be happy that he can balance well?)... To be honest, it's a pretty disappointing poster, not just because we've seen these images before, but because we've seen this kind of poster before, as well...

(Also, as much as I like Uhura, Bones doesn't get to be the third giant head? Karl Urban isn't that ugly, poster-making-people.)

Thankfully, the American poster - which was revealed yesterday on MySpace is much, much better: Stylish, dynamic and no generic floaty heads in sight:


So what brought on this unfortunate case of ugly posteritis for the UK, and will it be remedied by the time the movie gets released?


Exclusive: Star Trek UK Poster [Empire Online]

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