Star Trek's 'Best Of Both Worlds' Changed The Franchise Forever

The Hollywood Reporter has a great oral history post from the writers and actors behind the Star Trek: Next Generation’s epic cliffhanger episode ‘Best of Both Worlds’. Here’s a couple of things we learned about the episode, and how it changed Star Trek forever:

It was the first time that a cliffhanger had been done in Star Trek.

Piller said as the season went on that he thought there should be a cliffhanger, which Star Trek had never done.


For me, my show growing up was Stargate SG-1, which frequently ended on a cliffhanger between seasons, and even earlier shows, such as Babylon 5, used that trick between seasons, which kept everyone on edge until the show returned. This was a shock to audiences, who had been accustomed to having everything safely wrapped up beforehand.

The cliffhanger made everyone realize that The Next Generation was a serious show.

Moore: What people forget now is in the first couple of seasons of Next Generation, we were sort of not taken seriously as Star Trek. The fans were split on the acceptance of the show.

The show is a powerhouse now, but early on, it had a harder time taking off, and an even harder time winning over fans. This cliffhanger helped to demonstrate that the writers were willing to do some risky things with its characters.

The episode had a huge impact on Jonathan Frakes when he directed his own Star Trek movie, First Contact.

Frakes: The cool thing about the story was that he was forever haunted by Locutus being in his DNA. That informed the first movie that I directed, First Contact.


The Borg area a major part of the movie, and it’s interesting to see them make a major reappearance after those episodes, and that the episode helped lead to the movie.

The rest of the article makes for some fantastic reading into Star Trek history, and you can read the entire post over on the Hollywood Reporter.


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