Star Trek's Awesome Monster Is All Eyeballs and Ass

200 eyeballs peep from the body of that crazy monster you've seen in the Star Trek previews, and creature-designer Neville "Cloverfield" Page says it was tough to make them all move independently. More monster below.

Wired has a feature on the making of this monster, whose anatomy Steve Daly wisely describes as "looking literally like ass."


Page tells Daly how he comes up with his monster ideas, first starting with sketches, then creating small versions on a 3D printer.

At last, he's got the full effect. Can't wait to see this sucker go. I love the Predator-esque face with the four-pronged fangs. And the wirey, backwards-seeming legs remind me of Clovie. But the eyeballs just make it mega. Seriously, kaiju fans, we are living in a golden age.


See more pictures and read about Page's process in creating this awesome creature in Wired.


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