Star Trek: The Motion Picture Is Coming Back to Theaters, 40 Years Later

They used up all the color on the poster, so the Enterprise crew had to make do with these outfits instead.
Photo: Paramount

This December, Star Trek’s first foray into the wild beyond of interstellar exploration that is, uh, Hollywood turns 40. To celebrate, Fathom Events is bringing it back in style with a set of limited screenings.

Announced by Fathom today, Star Trek: The Motion Picture—a film about DeForest Kelley’s chest hair, gorgeous space effects, and people dramatically saying the word “V’Ger” like “Veejuh—will return to theaters this September for two screenings on the 15th and the 18th, marking the first time The Motion Picture has actually had a nationwide screening in the U.S. since its 1979 run.


As well as the movie itself, fans will also get to watch a short documentary beforehand titled The Longest Trek: Writing the Motion Picture, charting Star Trek’s tumultuous journey to the screen.

The 40th Anniversary edition of Bob Peak’s iconic TMP poster.
Image: Fathom Events

Getting a chance to see its trippy visuals on a big screen all over again is a fine opportunity indeed, but honestly? We’re holding out hope that one of the most gorgeous posters in movie history gets a special re-release to go with the screenings. There’s no mention of one in press materials provided to io9, but Fathom is promoting the screenings with a 40th anniversary edition of Bob Peak’s incredible, Technicolor dreamcoat of a poster. What are the odds bagging a seat at a screening could net you one in person? We can but hope.


You’ll be able to don your beige and/or baby blue pantsuits in anticipation when tickets for Fathom’s screenings of The Motion Picture go live this Friday, August 2.

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