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Star Trek & The City looks for love where no sex columnist has gone before

Illustration for article titled emStar Trek  The City/em looks for love where no sex columnist has gone before

Twitter novelty account Star Trek & The City connects two franchises once linked only by Kim Cattrall. It imagines Ensign Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex and the City compadres on their continuing mission to explore strange new bedchambers, to seek out new lays and new sexual positions, and boldly pun where so many have punned before.


The mashup of Carrie's monologues with the Star Trek universe (where snarky puns are made over bridge duty instead of brunch) is pretty silly, but that silliness has some particularly clever moments. Plus, it reminds me of Kira and Dax debating whether a man with a transparent skull was good dating material. And Star Trek has often had room for a little sex comedy.

Star Trek & The City [Twitter via MetaFilter]


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