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How desperate are you to be at next summer's premiere of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot? Thousands of dollars worth of desperate? Then perhaps you were one of the people who placed bids on a special charity auction for 2 tickets to next year's Hollywood premiere on eBay this weekend . . .


The auction, which was open for bidding only if you had been pre-approved as being good for the money, was run for the Liberty Hill Foundation, a favorite charity for director Abrams:

The Liberty Hill Foundation partners with innovative and effective Los Angeles grassroots organizations to combat poverty and injustice. Together, we help transform the City of Angels into a place that promises safety, equality and opportunity for everyone who lives here. Our motto is Change, not Charity. Charity is important, but our dollars go the next step organizing, advocating, creating change for the long term.


The winner of the auction - who paid $7,600 for the honor - will get to spend the evening enjoying the fruits of Abrams' labor while simultaneously being shunned by the cast and crew of the movie at a high-end party where they will have to pay for expensive clothing and feel out of place in the faux world of Hollywood for an evening. The rest of us, paying only a fraction of that, will be able to see exactly the same movie wearing whatever we want and without risking the possibility of pissing off Leonard Nimoy by asking him to sing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" after having a little too much to drink. You have to ask yourself: Which one of us was really the "winner" in this circumstance after all...?

2 Tickets to the Star Trek Movie World Premiere in LA! [eBay]

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