Never mind yesterday's fake teaser. Might this be the first glimpse of JJ Abrams' much-anticipated Star Trek reboot? Okay, maybe not. But if this "hilarious" parody of the original series (with parodies of Darwinism and Carl Sagan thrown in the mix) didn't tickle your fancy, perhaps the intelligent conversation offered on its page on GodTube - the Christian alternative to YouTube, in case you didn't know - may be more fulfilling. Also, there's a second clip, after the jump.

"Darwin was not an atheist. He was a firm believer in Christ. In fact he didn't even believe in evolution in the sense that the world believes in it today. Also, atheists don't believe there is no morality...they are mistaken where morals come from. Morality comes from God, but that does not mean that those without God have nor morals."

"Darwin was a 'practical' atheist in the sense he was a naturalist. He was searching for a way to explain the origin of all living things without the need for God."

"Gene Roddenberry was an atheist, that's all that matters"

"Spock has gotten faaaaaaaaaat"

Whatever happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged," anyway?

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