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Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl spot is Enterprise torture porn

Illustration for article titled emStar Trek Into Darkness/em Super Bowl spot is Enterprise torture porn
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Things don't look good for the Enterprise in the Super Bowl spot for Star Trek Into Darkness. It seems whatever the truth is behind Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison, he doesn't have a positive impact on our beloved starship—and impact is certainly the word for this trailer.


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Update: Paramount has also announced that it will be releasing Star Trek Into Darkness two days early (May 15th) with tickets available through the Star Trek App, and app users will also get a peek at an extended trailer.


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David Marshall

Why do half the Trek films have to feature the ship as this malfunctioning or destroyed/damaged hulk that is useless. This is the flagship of the Federation and every film manages to treat this ship like a piece of crap. I'm really getting tired of watching this ship in any form gets its ass handed to it. Geeze find a new plot twist or stop making the films.