Want another look at the new Klingons that J.J. Abrams created for Star Trek Into Darkness? Here's some brand new concept art, from the people who helped craft the shiny new Trek reboot.

Klingon Concept Art by Constantine Sekeris.

More Klingon looks.

Space Jump Suit by Constantine Sekeris.

Space Jump Suit by Constantine Sekeris.

The Volcano Suit, drawn by Keith Christensen.

Unused aliens from Michael Kaplan and Constantine Sekeris.

Another shot of the first "doomsday planet" Nibiru created by Andrea Dopaso. Read a full description of the planet's creation (and look at a lot more art) over at Film Sketcher.

For more concept art check out the artist profile pages of Neville Page, Constantine Sekeris, Keith Christiansen, and Andrea Dopaso.

[via Film Sketcher]