Star Trek fan episode feels like an extension of the original series

We were excited last year when we saw that Mythbuster Grant Imahara and Christopher Doohan (son of Star Trek's James Doohan) would be starring in a Star Trek fan series. Now that the first episode of Star Trek Continues is out, we're delighted to see how thoroughly it pays homage to the original series.


Vic Mignogna directs the series and stars as Captain Kirk. This episode, "Pilgrim of Eternity," was written by Mignogna, Steve Frattarola, and Jack Treviño, and follows up the original Star Trek episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?" In fact, Michael Forest reprises his original series role as Apollo. And there are a few more surprises in this episode, including a very special guest star. Also, be sure to listen closely to the ship's computer.

Star Trek Continues goes to great effort to evoke the look and feel of the original series through the sets, sound, even the aspect ratio.

In addition to the first full-length episode, the series has produced a handful of short vignettes:


We're looking forward to seeing more, and getting at least a slight extension on Star Trek's first mission.

Star Trek Continues [via Blastr]



Wow, they get an A+ for production, quality and effort. IMO this is better than any other fan attempt I've seen. Even better than the fan/ST actor movie ST: of Gods and Men, which I dislike intensely. But, the acting and story are meh so that brings down my overall score. I will watch more episodes to see if the show improves. I admit I have a love/hate relationship with ST fan films. Maybe my standards are too high. Especially since TOS was uneven in quality too.