Star Trek DVD Takes You Aboard The Enterprise

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In case you were thinking that the deleted scenes filling all those plot holes were the only reasons to buy Star Trek on DVD, Paramount reveal that they want to use it to bring you on board the Enterprise.


Variety reports that special packaging for the movie's DVD and BluRay release will offer something called "Augmented Reality" that, when used in conjunction with a webcam, will transport you to the final frontier:

With the packaging feature dubbed "augmented reality," consumers will be able to hold their disc packaging in front of any standard webcam to unlock an interactive hologram on the computer screen, through which they can tour five cabins on the Enterprise, even shooting enemies from the ship's deck. Users will have to log in to a website to access the feature, but they control the hologram by holding the disc packaging.

A beta version of the idea is available here (Have your iPhone handy.)

But yes, those deleted scenes will be there as well, and they will explain a lot of the film's more puzzling lapses. They'll include Klingon appearances, baby Spock and the history of the villainous Nero. In other words, everything you thought was missing from the movie when you saw it in theaters.

The DVD is released November 17th,

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will we get to tour the duff beer factory they substituted for "engineering"

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