Star Trek: Discovery's Story Team Discuss the Spirit of Captain Georgiou in This Exclusive Clip

A hologram of the departed Georgiou gifts Burnham some wisdom (and, err, a telescope) in Star Trek: Discovery.
Image: CBS

Although Michelle Yeoh’s stalwart Captain Phillipa Georgiou didn’t make it out of Star Trek: Discovery’s opening episodes alive, her spirit—and more literally, even her mirror self later on—was one of the driving forces behind Michael Burnham’s story. See just how important that was to both Yeoh and Discovery’s creative staff in this new clip.

To celebrate the first season of Star Trek: Discovery’s impending release on Blu-ray and DVD, io9 has an exclusive snippet from one of the new behind-the-scenes featurettes, “A Woman’s Journey”—just one of 10 that is included in the new release. Check it out below, with Yeoh and executive story editors Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt discussing the ramifications of Captain Georgiou’s death on Burnham—and how Yeoh’s performance as the noble captain influenced her continued presence on the show.

As well as the 10 new featurettes, the home release will include multiple extended and deleted scenes from across the season. And, duh, all 15 episodes of Discovery’s first season, to boot!


Discovery beams onto Blu-ray and DVD next week, on November 13.

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