Star Trek: Discovery Will Likely Have a Female Lead [Updated]

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This is a surprise to absolutely no one who has followed Bryan Fuller’s comments about Star Trek in the past, but a ton of outlets are now confirming that the new show will have a female lead.


Both TV Line and Variety have sources saying that CBS is still in the process of casting the role for Star Trek: Discovery, which is set to debut on CBS All Access early next year. Deadline goes a bit further, saying that the character will “likely” be nonwhite.

All of this is in keeping with everything showrunner Bryan Fuller has said in the past. At one point, before he was in charge, he said he wanted to cast Angela Bassett as a Starfleet captain. And Rosario Dawson as the first officer. He’s also promised, repeatedly, to keep the progressive history of the show alive.

This is everything we could want from Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek and we hope for even more information in the coming months.

Update 8:30: At the TCA panel for the show, as reported by TV Line, Fuller confirmed more details about the new show. For one, there will be “few more aliens than you normally” have in Star Trek. For another, he confirmed the speculation that the show would take place before The Original Series but after Enterprise. Fuller added that there would “absolutely” be a gay character and more sex than seen on one of these shows. He also strongly hinted that Amanda Grayson, Spock’s human mother, would show up.

IGN clarifies the timeline somewhat, saying that Discovery would be set about ten years before Kirk and co.’s five year mission. Also, the new main character is female, but isn’t a captain. So could be getting the “lower decks” show—i.e. one about Starfleet officers that aren’t the bridge crew—that’s been rumored? Seems to be the case.

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Bryan Fuller, can we have Gina Torres as the captain in that case?