Star Trek: Discovery Switches an Actor's Role Mid-Production

Image: CBS

At this point, I would like to see a show based on the making of Star Trek: Discovery more than the actual Star Trek: Discovery. What is happening over there?

Previously, Shazad Latif was supposed to be playing a Klingon commander named Kol. Now, he’s playing Lieutenant Tyler, who I swear to god is officially described with the very informative “a Starfleet officer in the Federation.”


Kol will now be played by Kenneth Mitchell (Frequency). He’ll be joined with two other Klingon leaders, Dennas and Ujilli, played by Clare McConnell (Dim the Fluorescents) and Damon Runyan (Suits), respectively. Rekha Sharma (The 100) is joining the Discovery crew as security officer Commander Landry.

In case you were wondering, Discovery started filming back in January. So these announcements are coming right on schedule.

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