Star Trek: Discovery Casts Spock's Father and Pushes Back the Premiere Date Again

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We’re never going to actually see this show, are we?

First up, Discovery has cast James Frain (Gotham) as Sarek, Spock’s Vulcan father. This makes a bit of sense, since we’ve been hearing for a long time that Amanda Grayson, Spock’s human mother, was on the writers’ wish list. Of course, that was back when Bryan Fuller was still the showrunner and the quote “It would be fun in some iteration of this show to incorporate her and her storyline. She’s not a central part of the show but we love that character” came from him. It looks like at least that part of his design is still happening.

Sarek was played by Mark Lenard in the original series and movies. And Frain is a pretty good match:

Left image: Mark Lenard as Sarek (Paramount/CBS) Right image: James Frain in Gotham (Fox)
Left image: Mark Lenard as Sarek (Paramount/CBS) Right image: James Frain in Gotham (Fox)

Along with this good news is the information that Discovery’s release date has changed again. It’s not going to be in May, as we’d been told. There’s no timeframe specified right now, with CBS telling Entertainment Weekly that “we will be flexible on a launch date if it’s best for the show.” I am very skeptical that CBS has any idea what’s best for this show. If they did they wouldn’t have rushed the production, realized it was a giant mistake to do that, slowed production down, lost the showrunner, and changed the release date twice.

I wonder if the show will be nearly as dramatic as the production has been.

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I expect the next major release that we will see is the announcement that:

1. It will no longer be exclusive to All-Access, but rather stream weekly on with all past epsidoes available on the All-access site with limited commercial interruption.

Thinking behind that: This has always felt like a pet project from a CBS online exec to make his incentive bonus. I would not be surprised if this executive’s mishandling of the project has now forced CBS to give it to someone else. This executive hopefully does not have the same requirements. Thus why I predict s/he will smartly open it up to more viewers.

2. The show will be retooled again and basically be season five of Enterprise, but on a different ship.

Thinking behind this: the adding of more original series characters.

Note: I have absolutely no proof behind any of this. All of it is a guess and worth about as much as you paid to read this poorly constructed comment. So take that as you wish.