Star Trek: Discovery Begins September 24

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

After months and months of delays, and reports of behind-the-scenes craziness, Star Trek: Discovery finally boldly goes to TV screens this September. That’s the good news. The bad news is you won’t be getting all of it this year.


CBS has announced that the 15-episode first season of Discovery will now air in two split parts: the first eight episodes will run between September 24 and November 5 on streaming service CBS All Access (the premiere will also debut on CBS itself), while the back seven will hit the service beginning in January 2018. Here’s a short new teaser confirming the date, alongside another tiny new glimpse of the titular ship itself... something that was surprisingly absent from the first trailer.

It’s been a long road—after all, at one point Discovery was meant to begin in January of this year. But at last we finally know when we can expect to return to the Trek universe.


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And it will go unwatched with no second season because nobody has extra money in their entertainment budget to pay for a whole separate streaming service for one show.

Buying it on iTunes or Amazon after the fact, or subscribing for 1 month at the end to binge the whole thing is not going to save it, just like being excellent (low of a chance as that is) won’t save it.