Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Robert Hewitt Wolfe Is Writing a Book Trilogy!

Illustration for article titled iStar Trek: Deep Space Nine/is Robert Hewitt Wolfe Is Writing a Book Trilogy!

Robert Hewitt Wolfe wasn’t just one of the MVPs of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also was the developer of Andromeda and a writer on a ton of other shows, including Alphas and Elementary. So it’s great news that he’s writing a middle-grade fantasy book trilogy.


Wolfe announced on Twitter earlier today:


This is amazing news, and we can’t wait to read it. Apart from anything else, the title puts us in mind of The Goblin Emperor, and that’s a great association. Let’s hope we get the first book soon!

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Michael Crider

I’m glad to hear this fellow has work... but now I’m just despondent, pining for the days when Star Trek wasn’t a by-the-numbers summer tentpole. With Beastie Boys music.

We miss you Dukat, Garak, Odo. May you never be rebooted.