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Star Trek isn't just the most successful movie of 2009 to date (although it achieved that particular milestone at the end of last week), it's also already one of the 100 highest domestic box office grosses of all time. Boldly going, indeed.


The first film to pass the $200 million mark this year, the Trek revamp has already managed to crack the top 100 earners in the US box office (non-inflation adjusted), meaning that it's made more money than movies like Toy Story, Twilight and Superman Returns. Impressive for a movie that's not even been released for a month yet, but it's worth noting that it's still coming in below such cinematic greats as Alvin And The Chipmunks and Mrs. Doubtfire in the current chart. By the end of this summer, though, who knows? If nothing else, it's almost guaranteed to beat Batman Begins, earning it a place as the most successful cinematic reboot to date - and, presumably, the one to learn from in years to come.

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