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In a story that's either romantic, or cynically and ghoulishly cashing-in on the death of a beloved SF icon, it's been announced that the ashes of Majel Roddenberry will join her late husband in space.

Some of Mrs. Roddenberry's ashes, along with those of her husband, will be sent into space by Celestis Inc. at some undecided point this year, according to the company, who announced yesterday that they're proud to help fulfill her dream of " journeying through space with her husband." Celestis — who seem to have cornered the market on Star Trek-related celebrity deaths, having tried to send James "Scotty" Doohan's ashes into orbit last year — is allowing fans to send messages to accompany the couple into orbit, allowing you the chance to finally get that Trek spec script in front of Gene Roddenberry.


Ashes of "Star Trek" creator and wife rocketing to deep space [AFP]

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