Star Trek Con Gives Vegas Reason To Exist

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If you're already bored with all this talk of Comic-Con, it's worth remembering that there are other conventions around the corner... like, for example, the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Sure, it may not have JJ Abrams popping by to talk about his new TV show and that little franchise reboot movie he's working on, but it does have a themed hypnotist preparing a "Hypnotic Trek Adventure" full of hilarity and embarrassment.


Unusual evening entertainment aside - Seriously, a Star Trek hypnotist? I'm not the only one who thinks that that's got to be a really niche market, right? - the convention, running August 5th through 10th, offers fans the chance to meet a pretty impressive line-up of stars from each of the series in the long-running franchise, as well as Zachary Quinto from Abrams' upcoming movie. You'd have to have a heart of stone to not be even vaguely tempted by Sunday afternoon's Voyager cast reunion panel, if nothing else.

The full line-up of the convention is available at TrekWeb, including the arcane pricing system of having your photo taken with the actor of your choice (Scott Bakula - $109. Why not just $100? What does that extra nine dollars do, exactly?). Start saving up your dollars for Saturday's Deep Space Nine lunch with Dr. Bashir, Odo, Dax and Quark now.

Galaxy of Star Trek Actors To Appear At Las Vegas Convention [TrekWeb]


A Voyager reunion panel? Seriously? Why not dedicate a day to Insurrection while you're at it?

If Paramount really wants to save Star Trek as a franchise, they'll terminate the relationship with Creation and find a company interested in appealing to more fans. They put on the worst conventions—dreadful programming poorly executed, very little fan participation and exhibit halls littered with old Playmates action figures.

And it's all so they can get the most money they can from a very small niche of fans. Comic Con charges 1/5-1/3 the price to get in, 1/10-1/5 Creation's rate for an autograph or picture (for those who charge,) and offers a heck of a lot more to do. Oh, god, and their original merchandise is the ugliest stuff I've ever seen—seriously, their t-shirts look like they belong on a velvet canvas.

I would seriously never recommend attending a Creation Convention to anybody, ever.